Exploring Bolt Fabric Design

Exploring Bolt Fabric Design

I have finished part A of Lilla Rogers and Beth’s course Make Art that Sells. It was my hope to write along with the assignments but I became so engrossed in the class that it was too overwhelming. I am returning to write about my experience exploring bolt fabric design. I recognize that I am in a huge growth period as an artist. I have opened my heart and mind to see again to look at the details in our world full of beauty and color. My friend this is my ongoing process.

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I began class on time no excuses and submitted work no matter what even while on vacation. Life doesn’t wait for us to “do” and I am committed to making changes in my studio time and business hours to embark on this journey. It’s funny I see so many related things to my fitness journey which for me focuses more on the inside than outside. Not to get off track but consistency in everything is key – so this is why the “do” the “action” is so important and not the “perfection”.

A few years ago I would NOT have posted or published anything less than what I thought in my mind was perfect. Now the journey seems to say each step is perfect because the art is perfect existing and evolving in it’s own time.


The art I am showing was for the bolt fabric assignment. What I want to express to you is that I love this industry! I became really interested in it. However, I immediately realized that there are some layers of skills that I r-e-a-l-l-y need to practice to find my style and flow in this particular niche. But I am still interested and will probably find myself continuing to be drawn to bolt fabric. There are so many possibilities for fabric eek! I love it.

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