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Bolt Fabric Design Refreshes My Artist Spirit A La Mushrooms

I am honored to join the many artists in the “Make Art that Sells” class with Lilla Rogers and Beth Kemper of Do What You Love. The first section explores bolt fabric design and it is a refreshing breath of air. I feel as if I have been under water too long. You know when your chest hurts and you let out those last bubbles of oxygen out of your lungs and you can’t wait to surface from beneath the water? I have gasp and surfaced inside this classroom full of amazing artists on different stages of their journey.

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What does this have to do with mushrooms?

So you might ask, what stage am I? I have been in strategic marketing & business branding and design since 2001. Yes, I first was a graphic designer and that evolved to be much more because it takes a whole lot more than pretty pictures to make a business a success. I have spent the last 12+ years helping other succeed. This delights my heart to help others but I desire more. Some may call it selfish but I have uncovered that I am able to give more and share more with the world when I am at the center of my truth. My truth is to do both but perhaps not always at the same time.


Surface pattern design journey begins!

What does this have to do with mushrooms? The class began week 1 June 3rd and with a mini assignment to simply look and study things in detail. This concept isn’t new to me but in a world that is fast paced it truly can be a challenge to stop and just focus a good chunk on time on one object. I am probably making this sound horrible. But it’s not. It’s fun and refreshing to spend hours lost in a sketch book or your art supplies. It is my goal since I am a digital artist to go back to my roots. Some may say it’s old school but I say they may be too cool for school limiting their possibility – ha!

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Andrea Robinson Graphic DesignAbout the Author – Andrea Robinson is an illustrative graphic designer who believes success is largely defined and attained by following your vision, doing work you love and working with people you enjoy. She is known for her superpower to move calmly through crisis while helping others. You will also find her writing about all things about design and business branding on her Design: Blog.